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AeroPress Go Review – A Better Way To Brew While Traveling

aeropress go outside

From its introduction, 15 years ago, the Aeropress quickly became a staple for many coffee brewers at home. Not only at home, but even bars here and there have started offering coffee brewed with this little device. 

Many coffee experts are suggesting it as an alternative, and valid, coffee brewing method to the older french press, Moka pot, pour overs and so on. 

It’s cheap, small, practical, and produces great coffee.

Perhaps not many know that the Aeropress has a little brother, the Aeropress Go. What is it and what’s the difference with the older and more common model?


On an aesthetic side, the Aeropress Go has more black and red than gray and golden. Its shape is nearly spherical, in contrast with the hexagonal design of the original model. 

Overall, the Aeropress Go looks sleeker and a tad more stylish. Not a big change in any way, and surely most coffee fans will ignore the difference, yet its worth mentioning.

The Aeropress Go is made, roughly, of the same pieces as the older model, and still mostly plastic. Some have a different shape and size, though. 

The main body of the new model is made of a plunger with a chamber. A filter cap and holder are present in both the Aeropress models. 


In the Go version the holder is much smaller. It can hold up to 20 filters against the 350 of the bigger model. 

A stirrer, a scoop, 350 filters, and a lid to cover the plastic mug complete the Aeropress Go components.  In the first version, you don’t have a plastic cup to pour your coffee in. But in the Aeropress Go it comes with one that can double as a drinking cup.

How to Use

Like its predecessor, the Aeropress Go is an efficient way to make coffee. Brewing with it doesn’t differ much from the bigger Aeropress. The main technique to brew with it is as it follows:

  • Put a filter in the filter cap
  • Twist the filter cap into the chamber tightly
  • Position the chamber on the mug and put about one scoop of fine ground coffee in the chamber
  • Shake the coffee a bit, in order to level it
  • Add water up to Level 1 on the chamber. 175 °F (80 °C) is the suggested temperature
  • If making a cold brew, use room temperature water instead
  • Stir for about 10 seconds (more for a cold brew)
  • Insert the plunger and gently press, pausing each time you feel any resistance until it reaches the grounds
  • Remove the filter cap, push the plunger out to remove used coffee
  • Rinse the components

Many other possible techniques exist, but this is the basic one, to get you started with your Aeropress Go.

AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press

AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press, 1-3 Cups - Makes Delicious Coffee, Espresso and Cold Brew in 1 Minute


The reduced size of the new device affects the possibilities to use some techniques. The Aeropress Go is meant as a portable version of the main one, which admittedly was already pretty easy to bring with you anywhere. 

The Aeropress Go is even easier, being smaller and slightly lighter too. With a volume of about 20% less than the original model, the main practical change is the limitation due to availably capacity. Some brewing techniques that worked with the Aeropress are harder or can’t be replicated on the Aeropress Go. 

Since it is smaller, there’s less room for water and coffee inside it. This causes it to be quite hard to invert the device, as some brewing techniques call for, with accuracy. 

The Aeropress Go is just too small to easily turn it upside down without having an effect on the final taste of the coffee.

Aeropress Go Cup

Most of the non-experts won’t be bothered much by this change. More importantly, as previously mentioned, the Aeropress Go has an embedded cup where you can brew the coffee in and also drink from it. This is unlike the older model where you were supposed to brew in a cup of yours. 

That makes it a great coffee brewing device for when you’re traveling. Being mostly made of plastic makes it resistant to hits that it will inevitably receive when sitting in your travel bag.

AeroPress Go Cup

Another consequence of the smaller size of the Aeropress Go is that it won’t fit on wide cups as easily as the original. Some of the bigger cups will become impossible to brew with it, but using the embedded cup eliminates this issue. 

You can always pour from the included cup into your favorite mug after brewing. That is if you prefer to drink coffee from a specific vessel.

Aeropress Go vs Aeropress Original

These are the main differences between the two Aeropress models. Admittedly, not much has changed in the Aeropress Go from a practical side to justify buying it for those who already own a fully-sized Aeropress. 

It is arguably more aesthetic. It is more compact and lighter, but outside these aspects, not that much has changed. If you travel a lot and the already small dimension of the Aeropress bothers you, the Aeropress Go may be the solution. 

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

AeroPress Original Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press

Even if you already own the original Aeropress, for those away from home a lot, the Aeropress Go can be a superb addition to your coffee brewing gear. 

Especially the embedded cup to drink coffee from can be useful when on the road, as you won’t need to carry a separate, and often fragile, ceramic or glass cup.

In the end, that’s the main advantage of the Aeropress Go over its predecessor. There aren’t any other main differences that would justify the purchasing of the Go for those who already own the Aeropress. The first model already does many things right and the Go doesn’t improve on those.  

Who Is It For? 

For some coffee geeks, the smaller size of the Aeropress Go can be a downside, and a significant one. It’s less flexible in how you can brew your coffee, limiting the tinkering with the right technique that geeks usually like to do. 

If you’re one always aiming to improve your brewing skills and constantly going after the “perfect” cup of coffee, the Aeropress gives you more room to experiment. The Aeropress Go is just a simpler and travel-friendly version of it.

Mainly if you travel a lot, especially on the road and not in the comfort of an hotel room, the Aeropress Go holds an advantage over the Aeropress. 

Smaller, lighter, sleeker, with an embedded cup and as performing as the bigger model, the Aeropress Go is perfect for traveling and maybe a great model to buy for those new to the Aeropress brewing system. 

Otherwise, if you are going to brew mostly at home and occasionally travel, the original Aeropress will keep you happy and satisfied with its coffee brewing capabilities for a long time.