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Nespresso Vertuoline Pods & Capsules – 2022 Complete Buyer’s Guide

nespresso vertuoline coffee maker with vertuoline pods and accessories

If you are like me and suffer from slow groggy mornings, nothing is better than the convenience of easy to make coffee. What’s even better is when the taste is just as great as if made in a coffee shop. Nespresso delivers both quick and delicious coffee with their Vertuoline Pods. 

I imagine if you made your way to this post then you already have a Nespresso machine. Or if you aren’t already an owner and doing more research, be sure to check our review of the best Nespresso machines

Back to the topic at hand! Nespresso Vertuoline Pods come in a variety of flavors and boldness, relative to their intensity scale. In total there are 27 coffee options to experience, that range from espresso shots of 1.35 oz to alto of 14 oz. Let’s take a look at a few of the Nespresso Vertuo Pods. 

Nespresso Vertuoline Pod Flavor Review

Double Espresso Scuro

Nespresso Capsules Vertuo, Double Espresso Scuro, Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 10-Count Coffee Pods (Pack of 3), Brews 2.7oz

The scuro is a blend of the sweeter arabica bean and harsher tasting robusta beans. The beans have a medium to dark roast making the intensity level an 8. For a sweeter cup adding milk is suggested, as it has a rich and dark smoky flavor all on its own. 

Double Espresso Chiaro

Nespresso Capsules Vertuo, Double Espresso Chiaro, Medium Roast Espresso Coffee, 30-Count Coffee Pods, Brews 2.7oz

Double Espresso Chiaro is a nice blend of Arabica beans from South and Central America. It is a medium roast with an intensity level at 6. It has a sweater that tastes like that of a caramel latte. 


Nespresso Capsules Vertuo, Diavolitto, Dark Roast Espresso, 40-Count Espresso Coffee Pods

Diavolitto is one of the stronger options in the espresso pod group, with an intensity level of 11. It is made of a blend of both robusta and arabica beans. There are notes of oakwood and leather, but these are complemented with a creamy texture. If you enjoy heavily roasted coffee then this may be the way to go. 


Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Altissio, Medium Roast Espresso Coffee, 50 Count Coffee Pods, Brews 1.35 Ounce (VERTUOLINE ONLY)

Altissio provides a full body and creamy cup of coffee. It has an intensity level of 9, as it is more of a dark roasted blend of arabica beans from costa rica and south america. Adding cream would be a pleasant addition to any cup to complement the boldness of the coffee.

Decaffeinato Intenso

Decaffeinato Intenso provides a decaffeinated full body cup of coffee. Made of medium roasted Asian robusta beans and coffee from Columbia and Brazil, they harmonize to create a balanced flavor. With an intensity level of 7, to get a creamier texture and sweeter taste the addition of milk is advised. 


Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Voltesso , Mild Roast Espresso Coffee, 50 Count Coffee Pods, Brews, 10 Count (Pack of 5), (VERTUOLINE ONLY)

Voltesso is last but not least in the espresso pod group. It does have the lowest intensity at level 4, since it is a light roast. The aroma is light and sweet, thanks to the blend of South American arabica beans. 


Nespresso Capsules Vertuo, Fortado Gran Lungo Americano, Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 30-Count Coffee Pods, Brews 5 fl. oz.

Fortado starts off our list of Granl Lungo pods with an intensity level of 8. This pod contains a blend of Indian Robusta and Central and South American Robusta. It provides a high oakwood and bitter taste. Adding cream or milk provides a sweeter taste  and enhances the natural cacao flavor. 


Nespresso Capsules Vertuo, Arondio Gran Lungo Americano, Medium Roast Coffee, 30-Count Coffee Pods, Brews 5oz

Next on the list of Gran Lungo pods is the Arondio. Made predominantly of Columbian Arabicas with the addition of robusta from Guatemala. The intensity level is at a 6, as the coffee is mild and has a cereal touch. The slight bit of acidity adds to the cup’s overall flavor. The addition of milk will tone down the cereal taste, increasing the natural characteristics of the cup. 


Third on the Gran Lundo list is the  Aflorazio pod. This pod contains the grounds of Arabica beans from East Africa. The beans from this region are known for their sweet and fruity notes. The sweetness is evident as the intensity level is just at a 4, making it more of a taste than the others. With milk the fruity and flowery flavor is enhanced. 

Decaffeinato Ontuoso

Last on the list is the Decaffeinato Ontuoso pod. With an intensity level of 4 this pod provides a light bodied cup of coffee with malty flavor. Flavor comes from the Arabica beans originating in Columbia and Brazil. Blending milk with the coffee will add a caramel and resemble the taste of honey. 

Intenso XL

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Alto XL Intenso, Dark Roast Coffee, 30 Count Coffee Pods, Brews 14oz, 10 Count (Pack of 3)

The first Mug and Alto pod is the Intenso XL. It has a smooth and strong taste with subtle hints of dried woods and a dark caramel. This smooth and strong combination is a result of a blend of washed beans. Made of washed Arabica from Costa Rica and Robusta from Guatemala. The robusta is partially decaffeinated but still provides richness to the brew. Since it is partially decaffeinated the levels are closer to that of an Arabica. 

Dolce XL

Next is the Dolce XL! At an intensity level of 4 it yields a smooth and round flavor. The aroma is similar to toasted bread and caramel. This aromatic characteristic is a nice introduction to the Latin American smoothness and balance taste. 


Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Intenso, Dark Roast Coffee, 40-Count Coffee Pods

Intenso produces dense and dark mugs of coffee. It is noted for having a lingering aftertaste. The blend of robusta from Guatemala and arabicas from Central and South America produce a brown sugar and toasted undertones. This dark roast has an intensity level at 9, so mixing with creme and milk can add some sweet flavor and balance out the bitterness. 


Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Stormio, Dark Roast Coffee, 40-Count Coffee Pods

The Stormio pod produces a strong and rich mug of coffee, due to it’s high roasted coffee beans. At a level 8 intensity the blend of Nicaraguan and Guatamalan Arabica coffee beans give off woody and spicy tones. The brew can be pretty intense, so to ease the intensity add milk. 


Nespresso Capsules Vertuo, Odacio, Medium Roast Coffee, 40-Count Coffee Pods

Odacio is a blend of Arabicas from Nicaragua and Ethiopia. It has a fruitful flavor that is associated with coffee beans from East Africa. The intensity level is a 7. The mug of coffee produced is full bodied and lively, with undertones of cereal. 


Nespresso Capsules Vertuo, Melozio, Medium Roast Coffee, 40-Count Coffee Pods

Melozio is smooth and balanced with an intensity level of 6. The Arabica beans are lightly roasted from Central America. Combined with a high quality bourbon produces a smooth and balanced mug of coffee. Mixing with cream or milk will enhance the sweetness of the brew. 


Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Elvazio, Mild Roast Coffee, 30 Count Coffee Pods, Brews 7.77 Ounce

The elvazio pod contains grounds of fine Arabica beans, originating in South America. With a light roast the beans release all the flavors attributed to a light and fruitful coffee. The low intensity level of 4 reflects how lightly the beans are roasted. Adding milk will dull the fruity flavors and produce a much creamier drink, having a sweet caramel and cereal undertone. 


The brew produced from the Giornio pod is floral and smooth. It is made of a blend of Arabica beans from different two parts of Africa. One part is from Ethiopia and the other from Kenya. Ethiopian Arabica has a white floral taste characteristic. In combination with the acidic Kenyan Arabica, the blend makes a medium roast. Adding milk produces a sweeter drink. 


Nespresso Capsules Vertuo, Solelio, Mild Roast Coffee, 30-Count Coffee Pods, Brews 7.77 fl. oz.

The Solelio vertuoline pods contain a blend of Columbian and Kenyan Arabicas. This blend has sweet and fruity notes. On the intensity scale this pod rates at a 2. It provides a balanced cup of coffee, with a light roast. Adding milk to the brew will transform the flavor from fruity to a creamy caramel.


The Decaffeinato pod is a nice blend of Arabicas from Costa Rica and South America. The intensity level is measured at level 6. It is a medium roast brew with a rich flavor. Each sip has undertones of malt and cereal. The brew is well balanced and with the addition of milk a new balance of nutty flavors arise. 

Half Caffeinato

Nespresso Capsules Vertuo, Half Caffeinato, Mild Roast Coffee, 30-Count Coffee Pods, Brews 7.77 fl. oz.

Half Caffeinato is a bend of caffeinated and decaffeinated Arabicas from Brazil and Africa. The combination produces a brew with fruity and nutty flavors. On the Nespresso intensity scale it rates at a 5. This sweet and velvety drink can be combined with milk to create a nutty and caramel flavor, while maintaining the smooth and light characteristics. 


Nespresso VertuoLine Mexico Coffee (7.7 ounce), 20 Count [ Import from EU and UK ]

The Mexico pod contains a blend of Arabica and Robusta. The Robusta is double washed to help produce a cleaner cup of coffee. The sweeter and fruity Arabica combined with the stronger grainlike Robusta produces an intense and spicy taste. On the intensity scale the Mexico pods ranks at a 7. Adding milk sweetens the brew, but keeps the hint of spice. Making it as a latte produces a woody undertone. 


[European Version] Nespresso VertuoLine Master Origin medium roast Colombia Coffee (7.7 ounce), 20 Count

The Master Origin Columbia coffee pod contains fair trade washed Arabica. Credit goes to the farmers for adjusting the washing process to accommodate the high altitude at which the Arabica grows. They only use the ripest fruit when harvesting. The fermentation process is longer but attentively observed. Once brewed you have a fruity and sweet cup  of coffee. At an intensity level of 5, mixing milk will produce a sweet and caramel flavor. 

Bianco Forte

Is a dark roast made of Arabica from Columbia and Kenya. The beans are split roasted to bring out more of their flavor characteristics. Together the beans are a balanced cup of coffee. Adding milk brings out the sweetness in the brew, with rich roast and cereal undertones. 

Bianco Leggero

This light roast is made of a blend of Arabicas originating from Kenya and Indonesia. This pod produces a sweet brew that expresses the harmony of coffee and milk. Adding milk will accentuate the sweet biscuit and caramel undertones in the flavor. 

Hazelino Muffin

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Hazelino Muffin, Mild Roast Coffee, 40-Count Coffee Pods

The Hazelino Muffin is a flavored coffee blend made of African and Latin American Arabicas. The coffee beans are spit roast to medium dark. The coffee is well rounded and has a velvet texture. Once the beans are roasted the flavoring is added to bring a new dimension. The hazelnut flavor stands out on its own, but also adds notes of almonds and biscuits. 

Caramel Cookie

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Caramel Cookie, Mild Roast Coffee, 40-Count Coffee Pods

The Caramel Cookie pod is made of a blend of Arabicas from Latin America and Africa. During processing the beans are split roast. This processing produces rounded coffee. Adding the caramel flavor brings out the soft buttery biscuit undertone of the taste. 

Vanilla Custard Pie

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Vanilla Custard Pie, Mild Roast Coffee, 10 Count (Pack of 3), Brews 7.77 Ounce (VERTUOLINE ONLY)

Vanillas Custard Pie is a medium dark coffee. The blend of quick roasted Brazilian beans and split roasted Ethiopian beans makes a round and aromatic cup of flavored coffee. Adding the creamy vanilla flavoring takes the brew through transformation into silky and smooth drink. 

Espresso and Double Espresso

The Espressos and Double Espressos have a range of intensity from 4 – 11. They tend to have a darker roast and with a bitter taste. Many of the flavors can be complimented well with milk. 

Gran Lungo

Gran Lungo pods provide 5 oz of brew. The range of intensity is from 4 – 8, with 4 different flavors to choose from.

Mug and Alto

Mug and Alto pods can brew either up to a 7.8 oz mug or a 14 oz alto, depending on how much of a coffee lover you are. The intensity levels vary from 2 to 9, from a smooth to a strong cup of coffee. The mug and alto pods not only provide more coffee per container, but this section also has the largest variety of pods, with a total of 11 flavors.

Master Origin

Master Origin has the smallest selection with two flavors to choose from. They are made to produce enough brew for a 7.8 oz mug. On the intensity scale they are in the middle with a range from 5 to 7. Let’s explore the Master Origin pod selection 

Barista Creations

Barista Creations has 5 Nespresso pods to choose from. These pods were made by experienced baristas to bring that coffee bar feel and quality home. There are no intensity levels as these were created to deliver exceptional flavor. Let’s dive into what we have. 

Buyer’s Guide

When searching for a Vertuoline coffee maker, there are a few things to consider before purchasing the first one you see. The coffee makers come with different features and tools that help make the perfect cup of coffee, espresso, or even a latte. 

Centrifuge Technology

Traditionally coffee makers used pumps to make the coffee brew. The Vertuoline coffee makers use centrifuge technology to brew their coffee. The patented Nespresso centrifuge technology can reach up to 7,000 rotations per minute. This high rotation is said to give the coffee smooth and balanced flavors. 

Some coffee lovers prefer the pump method, as it provides better taste. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Let your taste buds be the last judge. 


Features are something considered when shopping for a Vertuoline coffee maker. Many if not all of them come with some standard features such as an automatic shutoff and water level monitor. There are some models that have add ons such as steam wands to help produce a froth for some drinks. Vertuoline coffee makers range from simple and cheap to complicated and expensive. Some of these features you will have to look into and decide if you truly need them or not. 


Nespresso has an intensity scale, ranging from 1 – 12. The scale measures roast, and is a great reference for choosing. The lower the number the lighter the roast. As the number gets higher, that indicates a darker roast. 

The intensity scale does not measure caffeine levels, as some have speculated. When it comes to caffeine per cup, the Vertuoline coffee and espresso pods have the competition beat. Cross compared to other coffee brands a cup may have 100 mg of caffeine and an espresso may have 55 mg of caffeine. A cup of coffee made using a Vertuoline pod may contain 150 – 180 mg of caffeine. An espresso may have 50 – 150 mg of caffeine. Basically no matter what you choose you will get a boost of energy plus some! 

Brewing and Serving Sizes

Brewing times differ for each of the coffee pods. Depending on the brew size and the blend it may take more or less time. Fortunately, there is no need to adjust and set a new brew option every time you want to change your coffee pod flavor. The pods are tagged with a magnetic bar that the brewer reads. The Nespresso brewer then automatically adjusts the brew settings. 

VertuoLine Coffee pods and Espresso Pods come in a few sizes. There are the smaller espresso pods that have a brew size of 1.35 oz. The lungo pods are meant to brew 3.70 oz. For those serving themselves and a few others, the long coffee pods can serve up to 17 oz. 

You can order the coffee pods from online by 10, 20, and 30 count. If you are a first time owner looking to find your favorite flavors that are variety packs that can help start your journey.