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Waka Coffee Review! Speciality Level Instant Coffee

waka instant coffee blends

Everyone has tried instant coffee, at least once. It’s easily available, even ubiquitous, and affordable. Whether we still drink it or moved on to ground coffee, instant coffee doesn’t have a high reputation. Admittedly, coffee companies tend to use the bottom of the barrel coffee beans for their instant coffee offerings. This can be a direct cause of the burnt, flavorless taste profile of many instant coffees.

But does it have to be so? 

Maybe that’s what David Kovalevski thought when he founded Waka Coffee. Why must instant coffee be considered nearly a by-product of proper coffee?

Why can’t it taste as good as the best-brewed coffee?

The mission of Waka Coffee is to “help people enjoy coffee more easily, wherever they are”. And to enjoy it, it must also be good. For this, great beans must be used. 

Specialty-level ones.

Waka Coffee Blends

Waka Coffee launched 3 different coffee origins as instant coffee: Colombia, India, and Colombia Decaf. Each is available in different purchasing options. They have large boxes with 8 packets, a smaller pack with 3 boxes. They also come in 3.5 and 8-ounce bags.

You may know that specialty coffee is serious about the sustainability and traceability of the coffee. It is considered important, even vital, for the coffee beans to be treated with care. 

Grown with respect for the environment and the farmers that work in the plantations. Only if all the chain of production is sustainable, respectful, and traceable the coffee can become specialty-level coffee. 

Waka Coffee doesn’t ignore these tenets.

From the packaging, almost fully recyclable, to the coming FairTrade and Organic certifications. These are excellent testaments of the efforts that Waka Coffee is taking to being environment-friendly. They also pay a fair wage to the workers involved in the production of the delicious coffee beans they use. 

The basic specialty coffee requirements are respected by Waka Coffee.

And if it wasn’t enough, 4% of the profits of every purchase of Waka coffee goes to charity. The organization charity:water was chosen as the recipient of all the donations, to combat the water crisis in the poorer countries and prevent it from becoming a bigger issue.

The level of coffee beans is not the only difference. The process to make instant coffee is also different. The main promise of Waka Coffee is making coffee easily available everywhere without sacrificing the taste. To achieve this using better quality coffee wouldn’t be sufficient alone to make instant coffee taste great. A unique process is used by Waka Coffee to preserve the flavors of the beans.

Usually, instant coffee is made pre-brewed and then either centrifuged (spinning at high speeds in order to remove all the water), or heated until all the water evaporates. Applying heat to an already brewed coffee inevitably causes it to continue the extraction process, making it taste more bitter and “spent”. 

That’s like reheating the coffee you brewed yesterday: it won’t ever taste better than when fresh.

Waka Coffee doesn’t use any of these methods to make their instant coffee. Instead, coffee is first frozen, thus preserving more flavors and aroma. The frozen beans are packaged by vacuum packing. This causes sublimation of the frozen coffee, making the ice in it becomes steam without going through the liquid state. This avoids extracting the coffee again and lowers the bitterness and sourness that the heat processes can cause. The dry-freezing process for making instant coffee is the second key element of the great taste of Waka Coffee.

Third element: pure coffee. Unlike other instant coffee companies, Waka Coffee’s is just coffee, without additives or fillers for color or volume. You can easily imagine that 100% coffee has more taste than a diluted instant coffee.

Flavor Profiles

Now that you have a clearer idea of why Waka Coffee’s instant tastes better, let’s explore the flavors. 

How do the 3 different offerings taste?

Waka Coffee Quality Instant Coffee, Colombian

Waka Quality Instant Coffee — Medium Roast — Colombian 100% Arabica Freeze Dried Beans — 8 Single-Serve Packets

The Colombian blend is the classic option for any coffee drinker. It is a mild, extremely well-balanced instant coffee, with the right amount of sweetness and bitterness to make it palatable to anybody. Colombian coffee is known for its smoothness and balance, and both are faithfully recreated in the Waka Coffee Colombian. 

If you’re in doubt what instant coffee to buy, the Waka Coffee Colombian won’t delude you.

Waka Coffee Decaffeinated Quality Instant Coffee, Colombian

Waka Quality Instant Coffee — Decaffeinated Medium Roast — Arabica Beans & Freeze Dried — 8 Packets for Hot or Iced Premium Instant Coffee

Likewise, the Colombian Decaf blend maintains the balanced taste of the caffeinated version. Smooth and sweet, due to the absence of caffeine some citrus notes can be better discerned than in the normal version. 

As far as decaf instant coffee goes, there’s hardly anything better on the market than this.

Waka Coffee Quality Instant Coffee, Indian

Waka Quality Instant Coffee — Light Roast — Arabica Beans & Freeze Dried — 8 Packets for Hot or Iced Coffee

The Indian blend is an intriguing choice. Indian coffee has usually a fuller body, slightly more extreme flavors than found in Colombian blends. Yet this instant coffee was roasted light, in an effort to preserve the most flavors and enhance them in the final cup. 

The result? A chocolate and hazelnut coffee with very low acidity. It produces a clean finish that makes it surprisingly likable by both fans of intense coffee and light, tea-like, ones. Waka Coffee Indian is an excellent instant coffee that combines subtle notes with fullness.

For those of you who are going to buy instant coffee often, there is an option for you. With Waka Coffee’s, you can subscribe to their program and receive your package of fresh instant coffee every month. The convenience of not having to remember to make an order every time you’re low on coffee adds to the economic advantage of having a 20% discount.

However you decide to buy the coffee, brewing it is effortless. One of the primary advantages of instant coffee is the ease with which it can be brewed, nearly everywhere. 

Waka Coffee’s instant is no exception. 

Just pour the content of one single-serve packet, or measure 1-2 teaspoons from the larger bag, and add about 8-10 oz of nearly boiling water. Stir a bit, wait at least 15 seconds for the coffee to settle, and enjoy. It doesn’t get any easier.

This is one of the major advantages of drinking instant coffee: easy to brew and available everywhere. 

Waka Coffee adds a few more pros, like the enhanced taste, great sustainability, and helping the world avoid a dramatic water crisis thanks to the 4% donation of every purchase to charity. 

But these aren’t the only advantages. 

Cleaning up instant coffee is nearly instantaneous too. You just need to clean the spoon and mug you used to drink, and that’s it. Less water, less soap, and less time. Considering all the packaging of Waka Coffee is more eco-friendly, you’ll be creating little to no extra waste whatsoever outside of the bare minimum necessary to drink coffee.

Coffee Subscription

And yet, it gets more convenient! We cited the subscription model offered by Waka Coffee. This will not only make it effortless to get your coffee every month but will make you save money too. The prices are about $1.2-1.5 per serving, compared to about $2 at most chains for a plain black brew. 

The larger bag of instant coffee from Waka Coffee is even more inexpensive, coming out at about $0.71 per serving with the small bag and $0.49 for the larger one. That’s incredibly cheap, and even more so by choosing the subscription option.

In the end, Waka Coffee offers you better instant coffee, sustainable packaging, is good for the Earth, and for your finances. 

The versatility of brewing instant coffee is preserved, with the ability to brew most everywhere, even making a cold brew on the go. 

The efforts of the company to make a quality instant coffee that is both sustainable, environment-friendly and inexpensive are commendable and worth our appreciation. If you’ve been wary of instant coffee, give Waka Coffee a try! 

The difference will surprise you!