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Wildcrafter Botanicals – Superherbs And Coffee

wildcrafter botanicals

Coffee is full of different aromatics. Over 800, actually. It is not uncommon to find floral, herbal, and fruity coffee, with wildly diverse taste profiles. And it is no secret that coffee has a wealth of health benefits.  These include increased attention, more energy, reducing inflammation in the body, and better regulation of satiety and insulin secretion.

But what about increasing these? Why not have even more health benefits while enjoying a good cup of coffee with an enriched taste?

That’s what Dr. Low Dog, one of the world’s leading experts in botanical medicine, thought when she founded Wildcrafter Botanicals. The idea is simple and original: adding botanicals that have health benefits for our body and mind to our daily cup of coffee. 

dr low dog

This way we can enjoy both the added benefits given by the plants and mushrooms, with a delicious, organic, and fair-trade sourced coffee. All while increasing the beneficial effects on our health.

Not only that. Wildcrafter Botanicals coffee tests all coffee and botanicals for heavy metals, harmful microbes, and 300 pesticides/herbicides. This attention to detail helps prevent any harmful component from ending up in your cup of coffee. Every coffee is packaged and shipped only after this thorough checking.


Wildcrafter Botanicals has created four blends of coffee with botanicals: Inner Warrior, Creative Genius, Spiritual Chill, Immune Shield. Let’s see their qualities and peculiarities.

Inner Warrior is the coffee for those needing lots of energy. It is a 100% Arabica coffee from Colombia with added Rhodiola Root, Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Maca Root. So two roots and one mushroom. A mix that helps fighting fatigue, both physical and mental. It also enhances memory and concentration for better cognitive function. Lastly, it provides a metabolism boost, increasing your defenses against stress.

Inner Warrior

Creative Focus is based on the same coffee but has Ashwagandha Root and Bacopa Herb as added botanicals. Both come from the millenarian Indian tradition of Ayurvedic medicine. They are added to help rejuvenate the mind, clearing it at every sip, and fostering mental calm. This is the coffee for those in search of a boost to their creative outputs.

Creative Focus

Spiritual Chill is perfect to drink coffee without getting too much of the jittery effects of caffeine. It contains Chamomile Flower, Holy Basil Leaf, and Passionflower Herb. These herbs encourage relaxation to keep yourself calm. They also promote nutrient absorption and relieve nervous tension. 

Together with the excellent Colombian coffee, Spiritual Chill awakens you without getting too much of a caffeine kick, and helps to calm your digestive tract along the way. The Chamomile and Basil add sweetness to the coffee, making it unnecessary to add sugar to drink (for an even healthier blend).

Spiritual Chill

Immune Shield is easy to imagine what it does from the name alone. It helps boost your immune system and enhance energy thanks to the effects of Astragalus Root, Reishi Mushroom, and Elderberry Fruit. Known in the Chinese tradition, these two herbs and the Reishi Mushroom have been found to be great allies to our immune systems.

Immune Shield


So, what makes each blend unique? The coffee they’re based on is the same. Colombian, 100% Arabica, fair-trade sourced, USDA organic certified coffee beans. You can expect the coffee to taste smooth, with a medium body, a vivacious acidity that is balanced by a medium bitterness. 

Notes of cherries and dried fruits are present in all the unique blends of Wildcrafter Botanicals. Each of them comes either as ground coffee or as K-cups pods, for the Keurig system.

The only differences in taste would be those given by the herbs and mushrooms. Only enough is added to reap the benefits, and not change the taste of the coffee in a noticeable manner. 

Wildcrafter Botanicals takes great care to make first and foremostly good coffee, with enhanced qualities given by the botanicals. It is not an “herbal coffee” that tastes of herbs, but a classic, quality coffee with the added benefits given by the botanicals.

The only exception would be Spiritual Chill that has a slightly sweeter taste profile thanks to the Chamomile and Basil. But again, it’s a minimal difference. Choose your blend among the Wildcrafter Botanicals’ offerings by what health benefits it can give you. 

Not because of the negligible differences in taste.

This is what Wildcrafter Botanicals is all about. The effects given by the compounds in the herbs and mushrooms used is what makes the difference from any coffee that has a couple of additives. The sum of the compounds present in the roots, herbs, and mushrooms has a greater effect on our health than only extracting a single substance. 


The benefits of the whole plant are to be had when drinking Wildcrafter Botanicals coffee.

Relying on the Indian, Chinese, and Native American traditions of supporting our body and mind with the plants, the effects are various. Most focus on helping your mind, relieving yourself of the negative effects of stress, fatigue, and lack of rest. 

Often we use coffee to boost ourselves for a task or to trudge on throughout our working days. But by doing this we stretch our energies, without giving the brain time to recover them. 

Plants like Bacopa Leaf, with their ability to help us memorize information, or the Holy Basil, that can keep your mind in a calm and more relaxed state, can reduce the need for your brain to rest. While at the same time keeping it in an optimal, functioning state.

Drinking Wildcrafter Botanicals coffee also helps the body. The immune system is extremely important and is helped by the Reishi Mushroom. It is capable of boosting your body’s energies, while the Astragalus can directly influence your body’s defenses. This combination ends up protecting you better from external viruses and bacteria. 

Whether you are looking to give your brain some rest, increase your memory, feel stronger with more stamina, or protect your body, Wildcrafter Botanicals has a blend for you. 

The addition of botanicals to coffee is not an entirely new practice, but the expertise and care that Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. has put into the Wildcrafter Botanicals coffee is unmatched. 

Delicious coffee, ethically sourced, that can give a definite boost to your health is a perfect definition of a win-win situation.