Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

These are the Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

Are you a patient barista with a skilled hand?

Then Pour Over is for you!

This is a manual procedure for single-cup servings. The unit consists of a funnel-shaped dripper and filter, extracting coffee directly into your cup.

Hot water is gradually poured over the grounds in concentric circles and slowly allowed to bloom. Pour Over ideally suits light roasts and coffee with fruity notes.​

Pour Over is user-friendly, and brewing is quick, taking just four minutes.

Models are available in various sizes, up to a 14-cup capacity.

Small units are portable and easily cleaned. After developing the proper skill, Pour Over quickly becomes fun!​

Top Rated Pour Over Coffee Makers

Hario V60​

Hario V60​ is one of the best pour over coffee brewing methods

This is a cone-shaped dripper with spiral ridges along the inner wall and a large hole at the bottom. It's available in ceramic, plastic, and glass.

The ridges keep the filter from adhering to the walls of the dripper, promoting extraction at the bottom and sides. Coffee is strong, bright, and clean.

V60 filters are the thinnest of paper Pour Over filters.

Therefore, they have virtually no paper taste. The Hario V60 works best with a medium to fine grind.​


the Chemex is the best pour over coffee maker

The Chemex consists of a Pour Over filter cone and glass decanter.

The filter is thick and sits flush against the walls of the dripper. For me, this is the best pour over coffee maker.

The advantage of the thick filter is that water flows through slowly, creating a longer dwell. The flavor is somewhat sweet.

Therefore, fruity coffees shine in a Chemex. This dripper works best with a medium grind.

Another type of filter that works well in a Chemex is the Kone. Its stainless steel dripper is perforated with tiny, laser-cut holes.

The holes keep coffee grounds separate, expediting extraction.

Your coffee will have more body, oils, and a brighter flavor than with other filters. You'll also save money and reduce waste with a permanent Kone filter.​

Clever Coffee Dripper

Clever Coffee Dripper pour over coffee

The Cleve Coffee Dripper combines the functionality of a French Press with the convenience of a drip brewer

Water can be poured over the grounds all at one time because it has a Shut-off valve designed to hold the coffee until the brewing process is complete.​

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