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Top 7: Best Coffee Scales of 2022

Best kitchen scales that are great for coffee

If you already have a scale, it might work fine for coffee too. But some models have features designed specifically for the coffee connoisseur.

Read on to see what you might be missing.

Top Rated Coffee Scales

Coffee ScaleSensitivityTimerPrice

Acaia Coffee Scale

#2 - Acaia Coffee Scale
0.1 gramYes

Brewista Smart Scale II

#3 - Brewista Smart Scale II
0.1 gramYes

Nourish Digital Coffee Scale

Nourish Digital Coffee Scale
1 gramYes

Hario Coffee Drip Scale

#4 - Hario Coffee Drip Scale
0.1 gramYes

HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale

#7 - HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale
0.1 gramYes

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

#5 - Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale
1 gramNo

aiPao Pocket Kitchen Scale

#6 - aiPao Pocket Kitchen Scale
0.1 gramNo

Acaia Digital Coffee Scale

Acaia Coffee Digital Scale with timer built in

It’s no surprise that this scale has “Coffee” in the title because the manufacturers designed this scale for java from the beginning. With a simple, modern design, the Acaia looks terrific, but this scale is built for work.

One of its most exciting features is that it can pair (via Bluetooth) with an iOS or Android app for customization and control. The app allows you to record and share recipes in addition to controlling the tare and timer functions of the scale. You can also use the app to modify the auto-off settings.

In addition to the cool factor of the app, this scale is hyper-accurate. It measures to within a tenth of a gram, and it is very responsive. The Acaia is sensitive enough to register blowing on the scale, and the manufacturers suggest that it can even measure differences from evaporation.

The precise measurement is great for espresso, and the fast readout time is important when measuring for a pour over. You want to know exactly how much water you’re adding as you pour, not three seconds later.

With only two buttons (both touch sensors, rather than actual clicking buttons), the Acaia prioritizes a minimal look. This is reflected in the display as well, which is a bit small.

The power and tare buttons can do a lot of work, though. Because they’re touch sensitive, they serve different functions depending on how long you hold them down.

If you don’t mind spending some extra cash for an accurate scale that looks impressive, the Acaia Pearl Black is a great option.


  • Can be paired with app to record recipes
  • Very sensitive: both accurate and fast readings
  • Compact design is functional and portable
  • Power supply is rechargeable via USB


  • More expensive than most scales
  • Touch sensitive buttons can be pressed accidentally

Brewista Smart Scale II

Brewista Smart Scale II

Another scale that was designed for the barista (professional or amateur), this smart scale shines no matter what brew method you use it with.

It has accuracy to within .1g, allowing you to dial in your coffee quantity. In manual, the Brewista does a fine job. What really makes it smart, though, are the modes.

Each pre-programmed mode has different automatic features. In mode 6 (pour over), for example, you will be able to use manual tare, but the timer starts automatically. And the different espresso modes feature auto-tare, auto-timer, no timer, or some combination.

The Brewista also uses a USB-rechargeable battery, and the auto-off function can be programmed to fit your needs.

At just over four inches wide by five inches long, the scale is compact and light enough to take on the road. And while it’s not the cheapest on the market, it is competitive for a scale with so many options.


  • Pre-defined modes for different uses
  • Accuracy up to .1g
  • Customizable features like auto-off
  • Compact and portable


  • Color scheme (orange backlighting) is not very elegant
  • So many modes could be a hassle

Nourish Digital Kitchen Scale

Nourish Digital Coffee Scale

The sleek design and functionality of the Nourish scale combine to make your brewing experience smooth and convenient.

At first glance, guests might mistake the Nourish scale for an iPad Air. It’s about the same size and features rounded corners and a pleasant glass top. The smooth surface is also convenient for easy clean up.

The scale has four buttons with two on each side of the large and easy to read display.

The units button switches from grams to ounces to pounds. This means you can use it for small measurements (like coffee) but easily switch to pounds for cooking recipes.

The zero (tare) button resets the weight to zero, allowing you to zero out the scale when you place your brewer or filter on top.

There is also a mode button that switches between the scale, stopwatch, and timer modes. This is great for French press and pour over brewing. A dedicated timer would be nice, but it’s easy to switch between the timer and the scale while pouring.

Finally, there’s a lock button that prevents the display from going dark for five minutes without movement. Since the scale has an auto-off feature, this lock capability is essential.


  • Large display to easily read measurements or time
  • Low-profile design for easy storage
  • Inexpensive compared to many scales
  • Multiple timer options


  • Doesn’t measure tenths of a gram
  • Auto-off could cause problems when not using the lock button

Hario Coffee Drip Scale/Timer

Hario Coffee Drip Scale With Timer

The Hario scale is a no-fuss tool that prioritizes function. It measures within one-tenth of a gram and can be used for a variety of brewing methods.

While the Hario’s looks might not be a conversation starter, it packs in the features. Notably, the display has dedicated space for the timer and weight. So you can see the timer and the measurement while you pour or grind.

Also, the auto-off function is disabled when using a timer, so you can perfect your bloom and infusion times without worrying about the scale shutting down.

At just over an inch thick, this scale might be a bit bulky for some users, especially if you want to place it on your espresso machine’s drip tray.

Unlike some models, the Hario is powered by 2 AA batteries. That’s nice for a quick change out or if you need to travel without worrying about plugging it in.


  • Dual display for timer and scale
  • Accurate within .1g
  • Simple operation


  • Bulkier than many other scales
  • Not as visually pleasing as some models

HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale

HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale

The final model in our list is another designed specifically for coffee. It features a split display with dedicated space for the timer and scale, so no need to switch back and forth.

This one is accurate as well, measuring to one-tenth grams. While it’s not as responsive as some of the higher end models (Acaia, for example), it is precise.

As you’d expect, there’s a tare function, and you can change between different units of measurement. The auto-off kicks in after four minutes, so it’s not as inconvenient as some models that want to sleep after less than a minute.

The blue background display is bright and easy to read, and the surface cleans easily. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries as well.


  • Accuracy within .1g
  • Convenient timer display
  • Longer wait for auto-off


  • Not rechargeable
  • Not as sleek as some models

Etekcity Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

If you are looking for a more general purpose digital scale for measuring coffee, this inexpensive model by Etekcity is a good start. It will handle weights from a gram to eleven pounds, so it can do more than coffee.

The scale is sleek, with a metal surface and etched buttons. It will look good on the counter, but at a compact 5.5″ x 7.1″ it slides easily into a drawer as well.

Unlike many scales in the roundup, the Etekcity model is a bit shy on the features. It does have a tare function, and it can switch between different measurement units.

There is an auto-off feature that will power the scale down after two minutes. You can tap the scale to remind it that you’re still around, but it isn’t very convenient. There also is no option for a timer.

If you would rather invest your money into other tools for your brewing process, this scale will do the job for many applications.


  • Inexpensive compared to other scales
  • Has a sleek and modern look


  • Accuracy only to 1 gram
  • Auto-off function could cause problems with some brew methods
  • No timer

aiPao High-precision Pocket Food Scale

aiPao Pocket Kitchen Scale

As the smallest model in the batch, the AiPao scale is a great option for the coffee brewer on the go. You can pack this petite unit (4.13″ x 5″) in a bag with no problems. And since it runs on 2 AAA batteries, you don’t have to worry about access to electricity if you’re out camping.

The AiPao is also accurate to a tenth of a gram, making it an excellent choice for the precise measurement needed for coffee brewing.

Since it’s on the smaller side, though, you might have trouble loading your entire brewer onto it. It does come with trays that can help extend the surface area a bit, but you’ll have to be careful when balancing everything.

While the scale has an auto-off function, you can change it to run longer or even turn it off. Unfortunately, there is no timer on this unit.


  • Compact and portable
  • Accurate to .1g
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Inexpensive


  • Might be too small for some brewing methods
  • No timer
  • The display is a bit small

What You Should Know About Measuring Coffee

For most coffee drinkers, the scoop is the go-to tool for metering out their coffee beans. Many recipes tell you how many tablespoons of coffee per cup. In fact, it’s right there on the bag for a lot of your mass-produced coffee.

So why should you chunk that standard practice to the side and start measuring by weight?

Because consistency is the key to great coffee.

Do you really need a scale for coffee?

It depends.

Do you want to be able to recreate the perfect cup you poured yesterday? Or do you want to avoid that bitter mess you accidentally crafted the morning before?

A kitchen scale is not an absolute requirement for great coffee, but it enables you to precisely measure ingredients in order to reproduce great results (and avoid the subpar ones).

While much of coffee brewing is an art, some steps are best left to science. Because science gives you the chance to repeat experiments, controlling various inputs, in order to determine what method yields the best results: in this case, great coffee.

Why A Scale Is More Consistent Than A Scoop

What exactly is a heaping tablespoon? And a level tablespoon? Rounded? Should you scoop whole bean coffee or only ground?

While you might feel confident in your ability to scoop the same amount each time, you are likely off by a bit. And that bit adds up scoop after scoop. Check out this experiment by Serious Eats to see how much a scoop can vary.

Bakers use scales to precisely measure ingredients because they understand that volume can be misleading. The same applies to coffee and water.

Instead of guessing whether your scoops are heaping, rounded, or just a bit hilly, use a scale. Thirty grams is thirty grams, no matter how fine the grind or how heaping the spoon.

How A Kitchen Scale Can Improve Your Brewing, No Matter The Method

The most obvious case for using a scale is in a manual brew. You can put your brewer, with filter, on the scale and press the tare button to reset it to zero. Then add your ground coffee.

You’ll know exactly how much coffee you have, which will tell you exactly how much water you need to add. So hit the tare button again and add your water. The entire process can happen on the scale if you have the right model. And if you record your results, you can reproduce it for the next cup.

For a French press, you can brew in a similar manner. Use the tare to reset after placing your press on the scale, and once more after adding your grounds. Again, you’ll know how much water to add, and you’ll be able to measure it.

If you’re making drip coffee, just add your filter to the scale then measure your coffee precisely. For an espresso, tare the portafilter, then fill as usual. Weigh your coffee and proceed. In these methods, you can consistently control your coffee amount even if you don’t weigh your water.

What Makes A Good Coffee Scale?

You’re not looking for the scales of justice here. You need something a little more precise (and useful). For that, you’ll want digital, no questions. A good scale will also provide accurate and dependable results.

For scales, simple can work, but you, you’ll probably want to look for these features:

  • A tare function: Without it, you’re going to have to perform some extra math in the kitchen.
  • Precision: A scale that measures to the ounce is useful for many applications, but you want to get more granular for coffee. You’ll want accuracy to at least one gram, and one tenth of gram if possible.
  • Timer: Especially useful for manual brews. If your scale has a timer, that’s one less gadget you’ll need in your process.
  • Auto-off: This is actually a feature you probably want to avoid. The auto-off will save you some battery life, but it could be frustrating if your scale turns off in the middle of your pour over, while you’re waiting for your grounds to bloom.
  • The right size: This will depend on your needs and brewing method. Smaller scales are more portable and easy to store. A larger scale can accommodate larger brewers. They will also allow you to use your scale for more applications in the kitchen.

On the surface, it may seem like all scales are the same. After all, you just want to weigh some coffee with them. But if you’re going to spend the time and money to get a scale, you might as well choose one you’ll love.


As with many coffee accessories, the best scale is the one that works for you.

One nice facet of coffee scales is that they aren’t likely to break the bank. And if you need to save before splurging on the perfect scale, many of the inexpensive models will still improve your consistency and make your life easier.

If you look for a model that provides the accuracy and features that you need, and that looks great on the counter (or tucks away easily into a drawer), you’re bound to be happy with the results. Especially compared to that unreliable scoop.